Wednesday, 12 Jun 2024

Top Lottery Games Being Played in Australia

There used to be a time when the lottery games were not as advanced as they are today. In the past, the lottery games were limited only to people living within or near the areas where the lottery games were being offered. With the passage of time, the lottery industry has advanced and the lottery games have moved to the internet platform. If you are someone who pays interest in lottery games, then you would have a good idea about the games being offered in the US and in Europe. In these regions, there are games such as the US Powerball, Cash4Life, Mega Millions, UK 49, and EuroMillions that you can play. 

However, did you know that Australia is also very popular when it comes to offering lottery games? The country offers several lottery games that are worth playing. Just like the US and European games, the Australian games also offer prizes worth several millions. So if you are willing to play these games, you can play them through the internet service. Yes, it is now possible to play lottery games no matter where you are. The online lottery agents have now made it possible for you to play games from any part of the world. Through internet, you can play US Powerball online in South Africa, or you can play EuroMillions online in Canada. 

So if you are interested in playing games this way and are interested in playing AUS games, then let me share some of the major games offered in Australia.

Monday Lotto – Australia

This game is the main Monday night entertainment for the people of Australia. The game is played each Monday and the draw for the game takes place each Monday at 20:30 local Australian time. To play the game, you are required to choose 6 primary numbers followed by 2 supplementary numbers that are drawn randomly. These numbers are selected from a range of numbers starting from 1 to 45. The division 1 prize grants you with a guarantee $1,000,000 prize money, otherwise, it can be higher. The maximum number of division 1 prizes allocated per draw with full prize monies are 4. Anymore division 1 prizes than that would result in the division 1 prizes being equally distributed among all the division 1 prize winners.

Oz Lotto – Australia

Oz Lotto is also another major game offered in Australia and has a huge player following. The draw for the Oz Lotto game takes place each Tuesday at 20:30 local Australian time. The largest jackpot prize given out by the Oz Lotto game was back on November 6, 2012, when four players won $111.97 million in total. In the Oz Lotto game, you are required to choose 7 primary numbers from a range 1-45. Then you also get the bonus balls that are drawn automatically from the same pool. Surprisingly, the two bonus balls are not to aid you in winning the jackpot, instead, they help you win prizes that are lower than division 1. 

Wednesday Lotto – Australia

As the name suggests, the draw for the Wednesday Lotto takes place on the same day at 20:30 local Australian time. The largest jackpot prize ever won by a player playing the Wednesday Lotto was $6 million, back in January 2009. However, changes were made to the game in 2012 and now, the maximum jackpot prize for the game is $1,000,000, which is also a guaranteed and fixed prize. The Wednesday Lotto follows the same division 1 prize distribution policy as the Monday Lotto. 

Powerball Lotto – Australia

Similar to the US Powerball Lotto, the Australia Powerball Lotto is among the largest jackpot prize offering games in Australia. The largest jackpot prize ever given away by the AUS Powerball Lotto was worth $150 million. The prize was claimed by 3 different winners from Australia so it was split equally between the three. The particular jackpot prize was reportedly won back on September 19, 2021. At present, the largest jackpot prize claimed by a single player for the AUS Powerball Lotto is $107.58 million. 

In the AUS Powerball Lotto, you are required to choose 7 primary numbers from a range of 1-35. Furthermore, you are required to choose a Powerball number that comes with its own range 1-20. The AUS Powerball Lotto offers 9 divisions and the division 1 prize offers a minimum jackpot prize of $3 million. The draw for the game takes place on Thursday, at 20:30 local Australian time.