Sunday, 23 Jun 2024

Responsible Gaming, The Safest Bet

Placing sports bets and playing casino games have become a form of leisure and entertainment highly valued by online users in recent years, and aware of this, at tipobet365, we have always encouraged responsible Gaming. It is good to take advantage of the International Responsible Gaming Day to tell you what it is and provide you with information of interest, prevention, safe Gaming and advice.

What Is Responsible Gaming?

Responsible Gaming is a rational and prudent decision of game choices available, taking into account the situation and personal circumstances of the player, so play does not become a problem. Therefore, it supposes that the consumer must make informed and educated decisions whose purpose is to entertain himself without ever playing more than he can afford.

Tipobet365 has always tried to ensure that the gaming activity is healthy and to avoid as much as possible the risks of the transition from normal consumption to pathological consumption that may be caused by sports betting or the casino. Responsible Gaming must be a leisure and entertainment activity and never interfere with family, social and professional obligations. 

Apart from gaming operators, there are more involved in Responsible Gaming: the administration; that deals with regulating the activity to avoid the negative consequences of non-responsible Gaming, and associations; who strive to disclose, raise awareness and prevent the consequences of the misuse of the different offers of the operators.

Prevention In Responsible Gambling

The Time In The Game

From Tipobet365 we remind you that time belongs to you, so take advantage of it as you want and in a reasonable way. That is why every time you log into our website, we inform you of the moment when you last connected.


Access to games by minors is strictly prohibited. The Public Administrations, both state and regional, are in charge of regulating the conditions that must be given for the development and commercialization of games of chance, establishing identity verification mechanisms to be used to verify that the participants are older old.