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Advertisement – Introduce Alembert strategy when playing Baccarat online

Alembert tactics when playing online baccarat based on mathematical formula. This strategy is researched and developed by French national Jean le Rond d’Alembert and works in the same way as Martingale or Fibonacci. However, unlike Martingale, players who play according to Alembert will profit less but not lose too much.

Principle of operation of Alembert

All of these strategies are based on the basic theorem – Increase the stakes by 1 unit after each loss and decrease by 1 unit after each win. Therefore, to be able to use this tactic effectively, you need to work out how much 1 unit corresponds to the amount.

The advice is that you should not let that number exceed 1% of your playing budget, otherwise your bankruptcy will be very fast.

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Once the units have been determined, it will be time to take action. Let’s start by placing 1 unit on the Player’s door. Always remember to put on players’ doors as payout rates are often higher and more profitable in the process of adopting this strategy. Exceptions if played by some special rule, which rarely happens.

To better understand this tactic, consider the following example:

  • Bet 1 Unit: Lose.
  • Bet 2 Units: Lose.
  • Bet 3 Units: Lose.
  • Bet 4 Units: Win.
  • Bet 3 Units: Win.
  • Bet 2 Units: Win.

Keep going until you get the number you want, run out of money or get bored of playing and want to stop. If you win within the first betting round, continue betting with 1 unit.

As you can see, if after 1 turn, the losing and winning numbers are equal (4 lose 4 wins) then when applying this strategy we still get profit.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alembert tactics


As of the beginning of the hand, Alembert offers smaller profits compared to other strategies or compared to normal play.

Each tactic helps players to improve a certain aspect of gambling. Regardless of the strategy, it helps the player to see the overall picture instead of focusing on winning and losing in a game.

While there are no strategies that can help players win in the long term, applying baccarat online betting strategies will help you to achieve certain profit goals.


Although Alembert is not as unstable as other strategies, you also need to avoid losing. If there is a chain of bad luck, you will probably go bankrupt, so do not touch important parts of money.

If you are playing online, you will find that the bet increases are relatively small. Many people who love to play adventure and are excited to choose high stakes. If it is one of them, we recommend you to choose another strategy such as Martingale.

Risks in tactics Alembert

So what is the risk in this strategy? There are really no loopholes, because the staking strategy usually doesn’t change the house odds or advantage. Whether using Martingale, Fibonacci or Alembert, the house still has an advantage of about 1.05% over the player.

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