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Play rummy online and participate in tournaments for cash earning.

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With increasing digitalization, the online gaming scene has evolved considerably. Now you can connect with players around the world, and participate in different gaming competitions across seas. Take rummy for instance.

This enjoyable card game is popular among the online gaming community as well. Now players from different countries play rummy online for cash. Apart from cash rummy games, you now have the option to join rummy tournaments or tourneys. These tournaments are similar to other gaming tournaments, where players compete with each other. There is a higher chance for experienced rummy players to win at tourneys and make extra money.

How can you earn money by playing rummy in tournaments?

Expert and enthusiastic rummy players join in rummy tournaments. Tournaments are a great place to showcase your rummy skills, learn from experts and earn some extra cash. There are numerous tables with rummy players of different calibers in these tournaments. After each game ends, there are winners from each table who proceed to level up and compete against each other until only one final winner remains.

You can play rummy online for cash by participating in these tournaments which are either freeroll tournaments or cash tournaments.

  • Freeroll tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are those tournaments that do not require players to pay an entry fee for each game. You just need to pay a one-time deposit, which automatically makes you eligible for all the games under this format. On winning a game, the money would be transferred to your account. In case you don’t win, you have nothing to fear since you don’t lose any money. However, because of all these advantages, freeroll tournaments witness a lot of participation and competition is really high.

  • Cash tournaments

You can also choose to play in cash tournaments to test your rummy skills. In cash tournaments, in addition to the deposit, you would also need to pay an entry fee to register yourselves in different games. Since these formats cost players comparatively more money, there is less participation here, thereby making the competition easier.

However, it is important to sharpen and hone your rummy skills before getting yourself enrolled in these tournaments. This will ensure that you have a much higher chance of winning and making some extra money.

How to improve your rummy skills before playing in tournaments?

  • Practice on free play

Before making your way to cash rummy and tournaments which involve real money, it is always advisable that you play, and practice on the free games or free play. By playing rummy using the free game format, you can make sure that you hone your cognitive abilities used in the game to their maximum potential. This will make you more confident to rummy online play for cash.


Rummy tournaments are exciting events for members of the online rummy community. You can opt for either freeroll tournaments for cash tournaments, based on your convenience and level of expertise. These tournaments not only give you the chance to earn a lot of cash and rewards, but it improves your gaming skills to a great extent.

If you want to participate in a rummy tournament and earn money, get the RummyPassion app and register today!