Wednesday, 12 Jun 2024

Lottery Suggestions Which You Should Avoid

If you play the lottery regularly, you might have come across so many suggestions on how you would be able to increase your chances of winning. These unwanted suggestions regarding the lottery could be frustrating. And sometimes many people do believe such advice as well.

A lottery is all about hitting that big jackpot. And the suggestions you read are not always true. Therefore, staying away from them as much as you can is a beneficial option. Do not check lottery results (ตรวจหวย, which is the term in Thai) just from any site but the official one. Here is a list of all the unwanted suggestions that would be better off if you try and avoid them.

Choosing Rarer Numbers:

You might have often heard that by going for rarer numbers, you would be increasing your chances at a bigger payout. But it would be disappointing to know that statistics do not work that way. The expert advice would be that you go for a number that would not be rare.

Rarer numbers are not what the majority of the lottery ticket buyers would be going for. Though if you are lucky and you win, there would be fewer people to split the jackpot with. But choosing a rarer number would never increase your chances at a bigger payout.

Picking up a Discarded Lottery Ticket:

it would be highly unlikely that there would be someone discarding their winning ticket. But what you should be doing is double-checking your lottery ticket before you throw it away. Keep in mind that even though you might not win the bigger jackpot, there could be smaller prizes. Therefore, stop looking for lottery tickets or picking one from the roads. And before throwing it away always check lottery results carefully.

Buy as many as you can:

Though mathematically it is not wrong, the odds might not be in your favor. If you buy more tickets, it would not guarantee that you would be winning the first prize.

There is another suggestion which you should avoid is to change the contact number after winning. Many say that after winning, the level of security could be jeopardized. This would cause a hassle. Therefore, when you would be buying a ticket for the lottery, keep in mind that trusting your gut feeling would be your best bait. Also, luck plays an important role when you would be buying any lottery ticket.