Sunday, 23 Jun 2024

Betting in the Right Position Now

Tight or conservative players may suffer more than normal in this mode for various reasons. These may include, for example, the largest number of blinds who will not contest, the largest number of times they will give up continuing play against dominoqq bets from a more aggressive opponent, and the great possibility of not taking full advantage of their strong hands if the rival player detects that he only plays strong hands, although this could be a factor that would end up being a point in favor if he wants to appear and turn weak hands into strong ones, but the “tight” player is not exactly in love with the ” bluffs ” either. “or” lanterns “.

  • Although normally the online poker software or the offline casinos where heads up cash or real money is played usually lower the commissions of these tables, when playing a greater number of hands than in the full ring or six max tables the commissions will end up being a factor against.
  • In this modality, being a good player and expert in heads up cash is perhaps more important than being a good player in any other form of poker. Here you must also play against the rival player against the highest number of commissions and especially against yourself. In this modality in particular, self-control is very important, although “tilt” is not good in any modality, here it is worse because of the greater number of hands that are played that do not give you rest to allow time for a possible state of “tilt”, which in other modalities if they would allow that possible rest or disconnection if needed.

Play heads up at sit and go tables

As it could not be otherwise, we will have to make some tactical adjustments when we are facing heads up in the sit and go mode. And it is that although being an expert player in heads up cash is an advantage, it is important to know how to adapt to the strategy of the heads up sitgo game. I still believe that this modality is an advantage for good players, and especially for aggressive players in relation to “tight” players.

Perhaps this modality is where the players specialized in six max and the heads up cash players could be more equal.

In this modality, it is important to attend to the blind level and the tournament structure. Normally, sit and go are played in turbo mode and we will be committed every time we enter a preflop hand. That is why a good knowledge of the push / fold strategy can be our best ally.

Playing heads up in poker tournaments

A player who engages in MTT (multi-table) poker tournaments should spend a portion of their time practicing heads-up play. Most tournaments take the lion’s share of the prize in first place, and although heads-up for an MTT is not the same as heads-up for cash or sitgo, for various reasons being an expert in them will always be of great help.


There is also a large part of mentality in these heads up and that is that these heads up does not start on equal terms, the two players will play with the chips they have been able to get until they reach heads up and it is very possible to see big differences between them, that’s why being an expert in this modality is even more important if possible.