Wednesday, 1 Dec 2021

The difference between solo and team games you play on GoodGamer and GetMega

With so many games available online today, you are free to register on any platform as per your choices and interests. Online platforms have become easy for all age groups to showcase their talent and skills. There are gaming websites that even offer some specific games or a plethora of games. It depends on your specialization where you want to try your hands out.

You can register yourself on portals like GoodGamer or GetMega that offer you great games along with secure payments and advanced gaming features. Affiliated by the All India Gaming Federation, the games are run as per the Indian laws and regulations. Talking about the fun features, a lot of things like audio and video chats are available on such platforms to help you interact with other players while playing.


Talking about the leaderboard, GoodGamer has a fantastic one. It allows you to perform everything at one point. Based on the number of tasks you have finished and won, the rankings are decided. The leaderboard displays the entire information about the game to the users. The reward points are upgraded as you begin to win the tasks. Further, the scoreboard is easy to access and understandable. It also provides you access to your wallet and the amount remaining.

As compared to GoodGamer, GetMega has leaderboards for games like Rummy, Poker, GoPool, and even carrom. Here, the details on the leaderboard change both by simply playing the games as well as winning them. Flash leaderboards are available here that are visible hourly.

Player Distribution

Offering a real-time experience to its players, GoodGamer is definitely the platform for you. It makes sure that the users playing games are actually genuine and not involved in any kind of malfunctioning. The platform allows only those users to play that provide legit information about themselves. 

About the player distribution, you can make a team of 11 players on GoodGamer and 21 CR. As the team is created and players are finalized, you are supposed to take part in certain contests and win them to enhance your rankings.

GetMega too provides permission to those individuals to play who provide their genuine phone numbers and Facebook username. This is a method to verify that the individual playing is actually present. It consists of real players and no bots. 

Sports Offered

If you do not wish to register yourself for every game you play on different websites, then GoodGamer is the platform for you. It offers numerous games in a single place. You can play fantasy sports like football and cricket at any hour of the day. Create your own team, take part in contests, win prizes, and enhance your rankings as much as you can.

You get regular notifications and updates about the upcoming contests and seasons. Since you have all the information available with you, you can create a team that will help you in winning more and more contests.

Similarly, GetMega also offers a variety of games like GoodGamer. It includes different types of Poker and Rummy games under the Cards category, PicMe, GK, and 123 are available under the Trivia category while GoPool, ABC Rummy, Carrom, Dots and Dash, and Warship can be played under the Casual category.

The Final Words

GoodGamer allows you to have a real-time experience through its extensive designs and space created. It offers secure payments and needs verification when you need to have a minimum amount of money in your account for withdrawals and deposits. Also, it is cross-checked that the information you provided is legit to allow you to continue playing.